Choose one of the following:
• Call the Customer Service department at (800) 233-3750 ext. 503.
• Fax, mail or email a written request (please indicate the contract number and whose address you are changing).
Complete and return the change notification slip attached to your premium billing envelope.

Complete a CA Contract Change Form C-5454 form and send it to us by fax, mail or email.

Complete a California Change Of Ownership C-5535 form and send it to us by fax, mail or email.

Please Note:

  • When the current contract owner is a business or trust, the form must include the name of the business or trust, and the title of the person signing. The person who signs should not be the person insured or the person who will benefit from the change.
  • After we have accepted and recorded the information on your owner designation form, the change will be effective the date the form was signed.
  • Changing the ownership of a policy does not change the payor.

Contact Customer Service

Phone: (800) 233-3750
ext. 503

Fax: (847) 850-3304

Email Customer Service