Market Shield Plus
An exciting investment alternative 

Market Shield Plus offers:

  • Offers 5% Introductory Bonus

  • Potential to earn more income as the market goes up

  • Guarantees of a Fixed Annuity

  • Tax-deferred growth

  • Can be used for Qualified Funds (401(k) rollover, etc.) 

You want to enjoy retirement without worrying you’ll outlive your savings. 
Discover how Market Shield Plus  can help you maintain your lifestyle in retirement. 

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Market Shield Plus is a single premium deferred annuity with fixed and index-linked options underwritten by Interstate Life Insurance Company. Index-linked interest is based on the Annual Cap and/or Participation Rate, which are subject to change. Interest credited will never be less than zero. Premium Bonus is subject to a vesting schedule and may change at any time. Surrender penalties may apply. Please refer to contract for complete terms and conditions.


Market Shield Plus provides the guarantees of a fixed annuity,
the potential to earn additional income when the stock market goes up, and the ability to grow your savings on a tax-deferred basis.


Index-Linked Growth 

Market Shield Plus offers two index-linked allocations based on the S&P 500®.


Income Security Shield

A unique income benefit rider that provides income while allowing access to Cash Value.


Nursing Home Rider  

The Nursing Home Rider is automatically added at the time of purchase, free of charge.

Why Interstate Life?

Since 1899, Interstate Life has been an independently operated provider of quality life insurance and annuity products. We have been helping individuals and families build their financial futures for over 117 years.

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Maintain your lifestyle in retirement with Market Shield Plus