Cover your final expenses with the
Final Expense Plan for Limited Health Issues

The Final Expense Plan for Limited Health Issues offers coverage for individuals who do not qualify for our traditional Final Expense Plan. It is a convenient and affordable way to obtain peace of mind for your loved ones. 

Final Expense Plan for Limited Health Issues Product Details

Product Name: Graded Benefit Whole Life
Coverage Type: Whole Life Insurance

• Coverage Period: through age 100
• Issue Ages: 40-80
Coverage Amounts: $2,500 – $25,000

If the insured dies within the first two contracts years, the death benefit is premium paid x 1.2 in year one and premium paid x 1.4 in year two. The full coverage amount will be paid to the beneficiary after year two, unless the death is the result of an accident. A death resulting from an accident will pay the beneficiary the full coverage amount in any year. This plan is an excellent alternative if you do not qualify for The Express Plan. 

• Guaranteed cash value
• Simplified underwriting
• Premiums guaranteed to never increase to age 100.

The information presented herein is not a complete description of Interstate Life’s products. For more information, including whether or not a product is approved for sale in your state, please contact an Interstate Life representative.

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