Maintain your lifestyle in retirement
with Immediate Guaranteed Retirement Income.

You’re ready to retire, and you want to make sure you won’t outlive your money. Interstate Life’s Immediate Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan can help you transform your savings into a guaranteed stream of income for retirement.  

Immediate Guaranteed Retirement Income Product Details

Product Name: Income Security Shield
Product Type: Single Premium Immediate Annuity
Issue Ages: 0-85
Minimum Single Premium: $5,000

Income Security Shield is an annuity, which means you’re purchasing a contract with a one-time upfront payment, and then will begin receiving regularly scheduled income payments when you choose. Gain peace of mind with guaranteed income, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle during retirement. 

• Guaranteed principal (1), (2)
• Guaranteed death benefit (2)
• Guaranteed minimum interest rate (2)
• Can provide pension-like income for retirement years

• No annual service charge
A variety of income payment options available. 

(1) You may incur a surrender charge in the event of early plan termination.
(2) All guarantees are based solely on the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuer.
The information presented herein is not a complete description of Interstate Life’s products. For more information, including whether or not a product is approved for sale in your state, please contact an Interstate Life representative.

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