Maxi/Saver is a single premium deferred annuity designed to help your customers maximize the safety and growth of their savings. As a single premium product, it is better suited for individuals who have already accumulated some savings. It is available as a 3-Year-Guarantee, a 5-Year-Guarantee and a 7-Year-Guarantee annuity, which means the interest rate is locked in for the first 3, 5 or 7 years of the contract, depending on which plan is selected. Funds grow on a tax-deferred basis. Maxi/Saver can be setup as Non-Qualified or a Roth or Traditional IRA. 


  • Tax-deferred growth 
  • Guaranteed liquidity*
  • Guaranteed principal*
  • Guaranteed death benefit 
  • No sales charge or annual service charge 

Product Details 

  • Issue Ages: 0-85
  • Minimum Single Premium: $2,000

*A surrender charge may be incurred for early contract termination. Premium tax applicable in certain states (CA, NV, SD, WV, WY). Refer to contract for complete terms and conditions. 

The information presented herein is not a complete description of Interstate Life’s products. For more information, including whether or not a product is approved for sale in your state, please contact the Home Office.

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