Maintain your lifestyle in retirement
with the Multi-Pay Plan

You’re working to create the life you want now, and for the future. Interstate Life can help you keep the dream going by providing retirement plans that will help you maximize growth and minimize risk. The Multi-Pay plan allows you to save for retirement on your terms, and you can get started with as little as $25 per month.

Multi-Pay Plan Product Details

Product Name: Flexi/Saver 
Product Type: Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity
Issue Ages: 0-85

Minimum Initial Premium: $50 

• Guaranteed principal (1), (2)
• Guaranteed death benefit (2)
• Guaranteed minimum interest rate (2)
• Earns interest on a tax-deferred basis (3)
• Can provide pension-like income for retirement years

• No annual service charge
• Suitable for Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs
A variety of income payment options available. 

(1) You may incur a surrender charge in the event of early plan termination.
(2) All guarantees are based solely on the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuer.
(3) Earnings taken from an annuity may be subject to ordinary income tax and may be subject to a 10% IRS early withdrawal penalty if taken before age 59½.
The information presented herein is not a complete description of Interstate Life’s products. For more information, including whether or not a product is approved for sale in your state, please contact an Interstate Life representative.

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