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Frequently Asked Questions 

Contact our Marketing Department.

Yes, you can fax or email your contracting paperwork to our Marketing Administration Department. We do not need to receive the originals.

Contact our Marketing Department to schedule agent training sessions.

We pay commissions weekly by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Deposits are made each Friday. For new business, Friday deposits include all policies issued from the previous Wednesday through Tuesday of the current week.

Fax a new Direct Deposit Authorization form to our Marketing Administration Department. California Direct Deposit C-2287 (D)

Many of our forms can be printed via our website and through Agent Connect.

Send your request by email to our Marketing Administration Department. We will set you up and email you instructions plus your ID and password.

Our Marketing Administration Department can run illustrations and fax them to you. Marketing Administration can also send you our illustration software so that you can run illustrations at your convenience.

Call our Marketing Administration Department or complete and fax to Marketing Administration our Supply Request Form.

Please notify our Marketing Administration Department of any address/phone number change.

As required by law, we generate 1099’s for all agents whose earned commission in any given year is at least $600. If your earned commission is less than that, you will not receive a 1099 from us. Your Year to Date Earned Commission can be found on the summary page of your commission statement.

For access to our Product Training Presentations, please obtain the password for access to the Product Training page:

Click here for Product Training



Contact Marketing Administration 

Phone: (800) 233-3750
ext. 506

Fax: (847) 520-7651 

Email Marketing Admin