The Future Builder

An excellent fixed income investment alternative. 

  • 3.0% Current Interest Rate
  • $25.00 Minimum Initial Premium
  • Tax-deferred growth!
  • No administrative fees! No withdrawal charges!
  • 1.50% Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate for life of contract
  • Can be setup as a Traditional or Roth IRA
$10,000 Investment Taxable Tax-Deferred
Year 1 $10,225 $10,300
Year 10  $12,492  $13,439
Year 20 $15,605 $18,061

*This example for marketing purposes only. Please refer to contract for terms & conditions.

This deferred annuity is a contract between you and Interstate Life Insurance Company (Mutual). It is  designed to provide income for your retirement. You make an up-front purchase (with either a single payment or multiple payments) and the value of your account increases over time with interest on a tax deferred basis. The contract also provides the option of receiving guaranteed income for life. Withdrawals are on a first-in first-out tax basis.

The Future Builder is a contract between you and Interstate Life Insurance Company (Mutual). Under current tax laws, earnings are not taxable until withdrawn. Earnings withdrawn before age 59 1/2 may be subject to income tax and a 10% IRS penalty. Refer to the annuity contract for complete terms and conditions. Review your personal tax situation and your use of The Future Builder with your attorney or tax advisor.

All guarantees are based solely on the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuer.

For the first time ever, The Future Builder is available online, which means that you don’t have to wait to meet with someone in-person during “regular” business hours. Saving for your future on your schedule is how we define personal finance. 

The Future Builder is the perfect combination of value, convenience, and long-term security. It can be fully customized for your life: you decide when and how much you want to contribute, and the best part is, it comes with the protection of guaranteed rates.

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